How to install and use Ultimate Typing Coach in Local Area Network?

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TypingMaster's Ultimate Typing Coach 11 Ultimate with DataSync can store the study progress data for hundreds of users recognizing any user on any workstation in the network. The Use Manager also helps you to easily manage user records as groups and follow progress and test scores using a variety of reports, no matter how big and varied your groups are. You can also arrange fully customized typing tests for individual users or entire groups using texts of your own choice.

The basic setup is to syncronize the student progress Data to the teachers' machine using a private file server or a cloud drive (DataSync occurs through this Data Folder). There can be one teacher machine accessing one Data Folder  taking care of one class or the whole school installation. 

Before starting to install and configure the DataSync settings, we recommend that you first verify that you have a working connection between Teacher Machine and Student Machines through a shared folder or a cloud drive. The simple test is to start Notepad tool in the teacher's machine and save a tiny "testing.txt" file into your shared Data Folder that you plan to use for the installation.  Next, walk to a few workstations to see that "testing.txt" appears on these devices in their Data Folder when students are logged in to these devices.

Teacher can manage all Synced Typing Coach installations from the Manager tool. 

Variety of settings are offered for teachers to configure the typing tutor to their liking.

NOTE: It is important to remember, that Data is syncronized between student workstations and teacher machine only when teacher clicks the SYNC buttons on User Manager tool. 

There is by default the Dual Sync Setting disabled in Common Settings section, it is needed for some features such as adding users, when its enabled also e.g. user accounts created in one student device will also appear on other student devices.  If Dual Sync is disabled, student accounts do not appear on other student workstations.

 Overview of the Installation Process

Here is a brief summary of the main stages of the installation:

1. Select the installation mode: Stand-alone or Centralized Management+Reporting with the Data Sync. To use Data Sync features, the local file server or a cloud drive is needed to host all the user study progress information. Usually the Data Sync location is a school file server (e.g. \\\shared\typing) or any standard mounted cloud drive (c:\user\myself\clouddrive1), that both teacher and students can access.

2. TypingMaster is installed into Teacher's machine. One teacher machine can take care of reporting/configuring of multiple student machines.

3. The Licenses are entered to TypingMaster Manager and common settings for workstations are set.

4. The installation is completed on all the workstations (optionally connecting these to a same Data Sync location ).

Teacher Machine Installation


To start the installation for TypingMaster, you must have the Ultimate version setup package for TypingMaster. This package is available as a download from our web site

Before you start installing TypingMaster on the teacher machine, you have to make sure that:

  • A shared Data Sync folder for the installation of TypingMaster is available (usually the school file server or a cloud drive). Please ask your network admin to provide one. All the workstations must have access to this folder. The folder can be e.g. \\server\applications\typingmaster.
  • Under this sync folder, there will be two folders, one folder for teacher configuration data and one folder for student reports. The person performing the installation (teacher) has the full rights to this shared folder and it's subfolders. The students need to have only read permissions on teacher folder and read+write permissions on students folder. If you are not sure whether you have the necessary rights, consult the network administrator of your organization for more details.

Installing Typing Coach on Teacher PC

In this chapter we will go through the installation of TypingMaster. The installation is quite straightforward and adheres to the usual procedures common to all installations of Windows programs.

NOTE: It's usually possible to install TypingMaster on teacher's machine remotely from the administrator's computer. This way the installation creates the shortcuts to TypingMaster and TypingMaster Manager on all users on device.

Step by step:

To begin the installation on the Teacher computer:

  1. Start the TypingMaster setup program by double clicking on the file typingmaster11ultimate.exe (or similar).
  2. Click on 'Next' and read the License Agreement. Check 'I accept the agreement' to accept the terms of the agreement and click 'Next'.
  3. If previous TypingMaster version is already installed on your server, you should install to same folder in order to keep the user data.
  4. Choose the destination directory for the installation. This is the directory TypingMaster will be installed to.
  5. DATA LOCATION: You can configure TypingMaster to store study data to the user specific folders inside user profiles or the a shared folder.
    -If there are multiple students logging into different Windows computers in domain every time with their own login/profile, it's required to select Roaming user specific Appdata.
    -If every student always uses the same windows computer, it's possible to select Roaming or Non-Roaming user Appdata.
    -The Common Install Folder is a rarely needed option. It make's all user profiles in the device to see the list of all students.

    If you want teacher to receive the data from the student devices, you need a file server or a cloud drive in your organization's network. In this case, choose yes to enable Sync and in the next step enter a UNC network path for the file server or a path to cloud drive in these 2 fields. The UNC path is in format \\SERVERNAME\FOLDER, for example \\FILESERVER\APPS\TMPro.

    Enter two different SYNC paths, one for students and one for teacher. these can be two folders inside a shared folder, or two different shares. Please ask your admin to configure the file access permissions so that only teacher can edit files in the Teacher Writable Sync folder, but students can read files from there, too. Read+Write permissions are needed for all students using the software for the Student Writable Sync folder.

  7. The automatic SYNC occurs always when students launch their TypingMaster software. Students will receive settings sent from Teacher's Manager tool (via Teacher Writable Sync folder). After students close Typing Coach, their reports are sent to Student Writable SYNC folder for Teacher's Manager tool.

You have now completed the installation of TypingMaster. It is recommended that you give the program a trial run to make sure everything is working properly. Just click on Start > Typing Coach to start the program.

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